Thursday, February 18, 2016

Coffee Shop

Trumper 1: I don’t care what they say about the guy. I’m voting for him.

Trumper 2: Same here. Every single one of his failures, he’s bounced back from and started another doomed enterprise. Kinda like that bobble toy that does not stay down when punched. That shows resilience.

Trumper 1: There’s the man who could deal with Putin. Russia invades Poland, President Trump insults him 24/7 until Putin says ´´Uncle Vanya.´´

Trumper 2: You know what? I wish he would shoot somebody on Main Street in Charleston before the primary. That would assure a lot of people that he’s pro gun.

Trumper 1: I can’t wait for him to start building The Wall, financed by Mexico, of course.

Trumper 2: I gotta say, that one doesn’t make sense to me. Why would Mexico agree?

Trumper 1: Tell you a secret I heard from someone connected to the campaign: it's a red herring. President Trump will announce on Day One that illegals have one chance, and one chance only, to avoid deportation. They report immediately to border camps and begin work on the Great Wall of Trump.

Trumper 2: OK, so they’ll be fed and housed until the Wall is finished. Then what? Oh wait, I know: He breaks his promise and deports them.

Trumper 1: Wrong. That would be unethical. He’ll repatriate them.

Trumper 2: Ah, reuniting refugees with families left behind. A humanitarian coup. Might be a Nobel Peace Prize in his future.